One of the things I added in to lose weight is a Zumba class.  It’s very fast paced but so much fun!!  It took a little while to get some of the steps down but it burns a ton of calories and on my Gear Fit bracelet it registers an average of about 5000 steps in an hour.  It has been a great place to meet other ladies looking to get into better shape and real sense of encouragement.  It’s also a nice variety in my schedule paired with visits to the gym on opposite days.  Our particular class is in a recreation center with a mirror.  I used to hate that mirror and seeing my reflection at first.  But it made me take an honest look at my body and my shape.  Now I enjoy seeing how my shape is changing and how I get the moves correct by looking.  Don’t be intimidated if you can’t do a full class at first-take time and keep moving.  I have a wonderful teacher who keeps us motivated.  There is a national web site with the official Zumba classes listed.  Check it out and try a class near you.

Zumba official web page

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