Write it Down

write it down

I had one of the staff members at my Planet Fitness ask what keeps me so motivated this week and it was a question posted by Planet Fitness on Twitter this week as well. What keeps you motivated?? My biggest answer is that I wrote down a particular goal and I love working towards it. I made a specific, detailed goal and then broke it down smaller. My trainer has helped so much with helping me step away from the scale for certain periods of time-usually one or two months and setting a goal to reach over that time frame. My next goal is 21 more pounds down by March 25th. It will take continued work and commitment to exercising and eating wisely, but it is so exciting for me as I work to reach my goals to be able to highlight what I’ve done from my list. I also make silly bright colored sticky notes and put them on my bedroom and bathroom mirror. I usually will put my next number goal right in my face. I have a stack of those that I have now removed from the mirror and put away with my goal sheet as I reach them. I look at this folder with all of my work and accomplishments when I am having a bad day or doubting that I can make my final goal.


Today I am no longer Morbidly Obese, for the first time in years! I am 248 pounds, the first time under 250 in many years also. I can do exercises that I never imagined when I first joined the gym and I love that I am slowly getting better at running. A loss of 47 pounds over about 8 months of eating better, getting rid of sodas and working out 6-7 days every week. It’s all been so worth the effort. I am almost half way to my final goal to lose 101 pounds and hit 185. I might even work for less once I get there and see how I look and feel. For the longest time I could not imagine myself as a “normal weight” but after leaving the Morbid list I am super excited about getting off of the Obese list altogether. It won’t be easy and it will continue to take a commitment to hard work, but I’m willing to do what it takes.

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