Too Busy to Blog!



It’s been too long since I’ve blogged!  My life has been very busy the past few weeks.  I shot a wedding and am working on the final pictures this weekend and helping another photographer with a wedding this evening.  I had always said in the back of my mind “I don’t want to be a wedding photographer”, but several years ago Damon Callisto said “do the weddings” and I now agree with him.  Damon has taken pictures of some pretty amazing musicians and is one of several people I follow.  Locally I absolutely love Dwight Ladd’s work. He is the king of wedding photography in Mobile, AL, at least in my eyes.  I know there are many amazing people out there.  I just want to have my little niche and I truly love capturing people’s moments, and hopefully bring them joy with the end result.  I even had a project to take pictures of artwork recently.  That was very different and tedious, but my son Nathan has been a key part of my photo work and we finished an amazing project of 24 canvas paintings for an artist and have a possibility of more work with him in the next few months.  That’s another avenue I didn’t expect to explore, but one that is a need in this area and I’m pretty excited about the opportunity.


My son was accepted at the Alabama School of Math and Science for this fall and we are in a whirlwind of already starting to prepare for him to move into the dorm on August 14th.  He will be going into his Sophomore year of high school.  ASMS is the only public boarding school in the state.  You have to go through an application and interview process to attend.  Nathan was one of 100 students chosen from over 400 who applied.  We are so proud and I’m a little sad because we do so many things together!  I would not keep him from this awesome opportunity for his future.  Many of the students get full scholarships for college!


And there is the summer trip Nathan and I are planning.  He is going into Astrophysics and is a huge stargazer…well we both are.  We get up at 2am to see meteor showers and love a clear night when you can see all the stars.  So we are heading to Copper Breaks National Park in Texas the end of June.  They are a “National Dark Area” which means there is not the annoying city light to drown out the sky.  There are some amazing photos from that area-you can completely see the Milky Way.  I’m very excited and hoping for good weather.  We even planned it within the new moon phase because when the moon is up it blocks the view of the stars like a light would.  We are planning on some fun stops on the way and I am planning to blog our trip so keep your eyes out for that in June.


We just had our annual manager’s convention for my day job.  It was held at the lovely SanDestin Hilton in Miramar Beach, FL.  We were able to travel Sunday and have a little free time that afternoon and had a great dinner at the Baytown area at a place called Graffitis.  After dinner we were hunting for chocolate and the gelato store was closed for the night, so we went to Candymaker where they had truffles and all kinds of bad stuff.  Long story short the cashier had seriously low blood sugar and fell and almost passed out on us.  Several of our ladies helped by calling 911 and getting others to come.  We didn’t know until later about the blood sugar.  Hers was 30 and she very well could have gone into a coma, so we were so glad we were there at that moment!!  Exciting start to our conference.  The rest of this past week was pretty amazing.  We had classes during the day, but had free time around 3 each afternoon and then dinner on the deck areas overlooking the beach on Monday and Tuesday evening and lunch on the deck on Tuesday.  Monday was Luau night and there was a live band and much dancing.  Our president even did a conga  Tuesday was our awards dinner and we got to dress up and honor people who did well last year.  I have two medals to add to three from previous years, so that is exciting.  We even had a team building exercise of building sandcastles with a naming competition Tuesday afternoon on the beach.  Our group made it to the second round but didn’t win.  The weather was wonderful for the whole time and the weeks prior it had rained so much we were worried it would ruin the trip.  I definitely will be taking our family back to visit SanDestin.  It was just overall a very positive and enjoyable experience.  Thursday was back to reality and work, but it was such a good week!


Friday it was back to the gym!!  I have been away for a week and a half and it felt like forever!  My left knee is still being a pain and has some new fluid on it.  I’ve been trying to give it rest, ice it, elevate it and all that good stuff.  I have read the fluid can go down on it’s own but it’s looking like I may have to make another doctor visit soon.  Just very frustrating and it’s kept me a bit off track on my goals.  I did a great upper body workout yesterday and am just pushing along as much as I can.  Hoping I can do lower body Monday without causing it to hurt on Tuesday.  We shall see!  Either way I’m still determined to keep going.  I had a good break with some great food and now it’s time to get back to chasing after my goal.  I know I can keep it going!  



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