I guess it would be a boring world if we all had the same taste…in music, in food, in attraction to others.  My hubby decided to share some new music this evening but unfortunately it wasn’t to my liking. We do have several artists we both love equally including Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, Duran Duran and Fitz and the Tantrums. We love small venues and both tend to stay away from festivals and huge crowds. One of my favorite shows was at Vinyl Music Hall when we got to be on the front row for Fitz and the Tantrums right before they became insanely popular.  You could reach out and almost touch the band.  It was so full of energy and one of our memorable nights out.20130825_212017_resized_120130825_213038_resized

We also saw Duran Duran at Hard Rock last year. We were pretty close in a standing room only for that one also. They are still as good as ever and bring out all of those teenage memories with the classics like “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio” and remind us they haven’t forgotten the old fans with the song “All You Need is Now”.  And then there is Pink Floyd. We are super excited our friends from Nashville and Ohio will be joining the Black Jacket Symphony in November for a performance of Dark Side of the Moon in Gulf Shores, AL. Our friends Blair and Patrick were in a group called Eclipse that did an amazing Pink Floyd tribute for a full three hour no break amazing show. We even hosted the band in our humble three bedroom rental house twice.  We got to see the side of being a musician that some will never get….exhausted nights of driving, setting up, breaking down, maybe eating, maybe sleeping. We love these guys and they know how special the music is to us. For my husband, Gary, the song “Coming Back to Life” is very special because he is a wounded warrior. He shares this very seldom with others and finally told me after many years. He was injured in Bosnia and had to recover a long time. Both legs with titanium posts, a detached retina, shrapnel still inside him all from an IED hit in a hummer.  He won’t be happy that I shared this but I’m so proud of what he overcame and who he is today.  That song was very important to him as he recovered. That song is important to me because we had been through some rough patches and it speaks to me about our marriage and getting through the hard parts.  Those first guitar rifts of “Coming Back to Life” to this day will bring a tear to my eye.  So, no matter our different tastes, there are always things we can find in common.  (And he kindly changed the music to Steven Wilson).

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