Snack Attack


I have been able to keep up with my exercise routines through the Thanksgiving holiday and had my treat day so I could enjoy a great meal and dessert on the actual day.  I got right back to the gym on Friday after and for the most part have been staying on track, except for the snack attacks!  I have had the most difficult time with the small snacky stuff, like miniature chocolates or small rice krispie treats.  I still have been taking my Atkins snacks and some Pure Protein bars with me to work, but when I get stressed I tend to get off track and eat the bad things.  Most of the time we don’t have many things at home that are too bad, but just the amount I will consume right in the evening before bedtime makes me mad at myself later.  I will say that I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to and I still chose things that are better like a spoon of peanut butter with a few dark chocolate chips or part of a bag of microwave popcorn or a small pre measured cup of ice cream where used to, I’d eat a half a container of ice cream or the equivalent of another full meal.  I just don’t want to go backwards now. I think sometimes it’s hard when you hit a big number goal, because it gives you just a bit of a sense of safety or comfort that you can breath a bit or eat a bit more.  We ate pizza a few times the past week or two and it’s not an awful thing, but I just know I had a bit more than I should have and was overly full.


So for tomorrow for snacks I have prepared celery sticks with cream cheese, mixed nuts and still have my Atkins snacks.  I made some pork loin roast and some turkey breast I can take with me for lunch and have some baby spinach and fresh tomatoes and microwaveable broccoli and cheese.  One of my other biggest challenges is adding in fruits and vegetables.  I think the biggest thing for me is having things that I like as snack options so that the other things around me aren’t so tempting.  A small amount of chocolate or candy is not going to ruin everything, but getting comfortable eating large quantities of it can ruin everything!  And I should also be happy with myself that I have NOT gone back to drinking sodas.  There are cokes in the fridge at my office and we keep them for customers, but I still have been choosing the bottled water instead!  I am working hard now not to ruin all of the hard work I am putting in at the gym and Zumba.  I want to keep the weight loss going!!    

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