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Many of you who are following me know I am on my second week of eating six smaller meals per day instead of 3 large ones.  I am taking time to prep meals on the weekends and taking them to work.  It has been another big step in a lifestyle change for me.  I have always been a big snack eater anyway so it makes more sense to me now that I have tried it.  I stay full longer since the time between meals is shorter.  So far, I’ve been really lucky to be able to fit everything between customers and my schedule.  I like not having to think much about what I will eat.  I do make several options and bring them so I don’t get sick of the same thing and I made a different set of meals for this week than last week.  I also am SAVING MONEY not eating out and not putting fast food in my mouth!!  It has been so worth a little bit of prep time to do this.  So bottom line is I really like the change and I think it’s something I can keep going with. 


Below are my daily posts I put on Facebook last week…you can follow me on my page there as well as here.  It’s listed as Frowns at Pounds.


Day one of eating 6 small meals went fairly well. I am still getting the rhythm of my timing on each mini meal but I like it so far. Had a good workout at the gym this morning too!


Day 2: Just finished “Second Breakfast”. I feel like a Hobbit. So far, so good and I like spreading the food throughout the day. I tracked on My Fitness Pal yesterday and I’m eating within my goal of about 1700 calories per day. At my current weight I can have over 2836 to maintain and 1836 to lose two pounds a week, but decided on the 1700 as a goal. I think the biggest challenge is just thinking about portions and not over eating for the full day. Also burned 300 calories at the gym this morning. Yay!
Here is a link to a calculator for calories…


Day 3 and I’m getting the hang of my small meals even more. I find my early afternoon time I’m not as hungry so I am doing something like an apple and two tablespoons of peanut butter-the pre-measured ones are worth the money for me to eat on the go! I have a work out appointment this evening and will be excited to check in with my trainer on my eating for the week.


Day 4 and still going! I got a great cardio workout in this morning and burned 435 calories on the bike and elliptical. I am starting to know about what time I am eating my meals, but I still have a little notepad with reminder times to check off until I have it completely comfortable. My fridge is almost empty of the prepared meals, but I am definitely planning to do the prep work again this weekend. It’s so worth it and nice not to have to think much about what to have and definitely has kept me completely away from fast food-yay!! Just a little over two weeks until my weigh in and I’m excited to see the numbers.


Day 5 was a great day at the gym. My knee is telling me otherwise. lol No, we just worked it hard today and I have iced it and am even wearing tennis shoes at work to keep it comfortable. It’s still a bit stiff but not the pain that I had before. Working to build the strength back up in it. Food wise is another story. I had a sweet resident bring me breakfast and I am still spacing out the food. Just got a bit more off track on times today than the rest of the week. I started out with a shake so that helps with the total calorie intake. Keeping after it every day. It’s gonna be a rainy weekend so I will keep healthy snack meals close by!!


Day 6 of 6 smaller meals is coming along. Weekends are so different than the work week for me and much more of a challenge. I really haven’t marked off the times so much as eaten small when I’m getting hungry-yes, I actually feel more hunger pains with the small meals. It’s like I can tell when my body needs fuel better now and it’s pretty cool. I also had a great workout with my trainer this morning and am pushing on. The left knee was worrying me some yesterday but after a good stretch today it feels better than it has in a long time. I even got to walk the dog for the first time in a few weeks-and she’s 100 pounds and pulls!! Going to plan my food for next week and go shop.


So, obviously this is a good change in my life.  After so many months of working out and really finding a routine for the gym I can really find a rhythm to my eating.  There is always room for flexibility and I definitely still allow a treat here and there and am just mindful to work a little harder at the gym if I eat something with more calories.  There is a balance to a healthy lifestyle and I’m very excited that this is not just a fad but it has been a learning experience to really continue to change my life!  Look how far I’ve come and even more exciting is look how far I’m going to go!!! 


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