Rooster Combs!

Rooster Comb



So today I got my first  hyaluronic acid injection for my left knee.  I just found out yesterday that my insurance approved me for the treatment and I was going to go next week, but due to my travel plans at the end of the month the nurse was awesome and got me fit in today!  I have to go for two more visits over the next two weeks for one shot per week.  The results will take a while but hopefully will help tremendously with my pain in the knee and I am excited to hopefully not have to limp anymore.  I was beyond nervous but I have already been to this doctor and had fluid removed and a cortisone shot in the same knee about two months ago.  I heard different things about how bad it hurt so needless to say my heart was pounding while lying in the exam room waiting for the procedure.  The great news is Dr. Savage is awesome with needles and it was a smaller gauge than they had to use for the fluid removal so it didn’t even hurt as bad as my first visit.  It’s been a little tender and puffy tonight, but I’m doing good and very excited.  Well, not excited I have to do it two more times, but very excited of the help it may bring!!  The down side is I have to go back to a low work out schedule and really wait to do Zumba or a 5K or any big step things until we are past the third shot for a bit.  I definitely don’t want to create new problems, so I will listen and take another break from Zumba.  I’m a little heart broken because we are just learning some new dances.  There is a Zumba party on June 24th and my plan is to attend and see how that goes and hopefully get back to things full time by then.  In the meantime, I have to watch my food and still do upper body and core workouts and not stop trying!!  I started dropping on the scale again and I don’t want this to be a reason to start going back up.  I know the mistakes I made when I first had the knee pain and I am determined not to do that again!  Here’s to rooster combs and the healing power that is used from them and put into these awesome shots that can keep people like me from having knee surgery!!  

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