On the Road Again

I had to make a quick trip to get my children delivered to my parents for the Thanksgiving week.  It is I think the first time ever we will not be together with our children for Thanksgiving Day.  My parents and the kids will be joining my cousins in Brandon, MS while we will be joining my brother in Pass Christian, MS.  I am excited that we will all be in groups with family to celebrate!  Phone calls will be made and maybe a few selfies or posts back and forth.  


I have become more comfortable with traveling on my low carb lifestyle and even resisted cookies that the kids had with them and instead munched an Atkins bar to keep the cravings in check.  On my gas pit stop I was so tempted to be bad-thinking, “no one is with me, I can get what I want”, but the other part of me was like “don’t do it, you weigh in this coming week”.  The good me won and I’m so glad.  I could have excused that I have worked out enough for some extra calories.  It’s probably the truth, but a slip here and there can make a big difference in the big picture.  So I opted for boiled peanuts and didn’t even eat the whole contents of the small container I purchased.  I also will get a sugar free Monster on the road.  It helps me to avoid the soda and feels like a treat and it has the caffeine to help keep me awake to drive.  Little choices every day, even on the road!


One of the great parts is I get to have a “treat day” on Thanksgiving and eat what I want.  You HAVE to give yourself a day to break.  It helps so much to have a goal day to work towards.  I don’t really stuff myself on those days like I did in the beginning.  Mostly now I will pick a few things I really have been wanting like a piece of cake or some cookies.  I always tell people it’s not the salty or bread snacks items that get me, it’s those sweet tooth good old chocolate ones.  Thank goodness for some great substitutes when I am on my game.  Even a small handful of dark chocolate chips gets me through a rough moment or those tiny ice cream cups for parties.  They have 12 carbs and if I have been good most of the day, I allow myself one, just one in the evening.  The other option is baking low carb items at home.  Right now I don’t have as much time in my schedule, but I plan to make a few things to keep me going for the rest of the holiday time.  What is your favorite weakness when it comes to food?  

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