On the Move



My life has been a bit crazy lately!!  I took a new job in Chattanooga, TN and everything is a whirlwind of change.  It came about through my vacation plans to visit an old co-worker with my son for our summer trip which was originally going to be a trip out to Texas.  We made a few changes to keep the budget a little tighter and along the planning I was somewhat teasingly asked about applying for a job with my friend.  I sent a resume and did a phone interview which turned into a second interview by Skype and then turned into a job offer that I truly couldn’t refuse.  I love the job I have been working for the past few years, but it has been with a smaller apartment community and I was ready for a new challenge.  It’s also exciting to have a nicer income again.  We have done well to be on a tight budget, but it will be so nice to be able to do a few more things in life and even help a few more people along the way with the new salary.  I know there will be headaches and struggles.  Right now the biggest thing is getting everything co-ordinated.  I will have an apartment in Chattanooga, but the family will remain in Daphne, AL for the time being.  Nathan is still moving in to the Math and Science school in downtown Mobile, AL on August 14th and we plan to maintain an Alabama address for him to continue to attend.  We have even had people a bit worried that we were separating, but we know several people who have lived in different cities and Gary was a military man in the past so we know those families have to deal with some of the same things we are right now.  I even made a calendar for the next two months so we can have everything fairly planned out.


I fly out to Detroit, MI for training this coming Tuesday after the holiday and return Friday evening.  I will spend Saturday packing my clothes and personal items and move on Sunday of next weekend.  I ordered a bed that is being delivered and cable and internet and Gary has set me up a desktop computer to take with me.  It will be bare bones to begin with but I will add in more furniture with each paycheck.  The apartment is right outside of downtown Chattanooga so the long term goal is to furnish it as a guest space and to continue to have a place for me in case I have a long week and don’t want to commute home.  I’m pretty excited at the chance to decorate a new space and just have to take it one step at a time.


I will try and take some time to blog about my trip to Chattanooga with Nathan.  We did have a great time exploring and got a good feel for the area.  The great thing is I didn’t get there and think oh, wow, I don’t know about this.  It was more of a confirmation that I am still excited for the new challenge.  So, one step at a time and right now one day at a time.  I have to pack a small bag to fly out Tuesday and pack most of my personal stuff to take next weekend.  It’s been a good time to go through some clothes and decide what to keep and get rid of.  In the process I am finishing up some wedding photos for a customer order.  It all worked out really well on the photography end to be at somewhat of a stopping point.  I decided not to take on any new projects until I’m really settled in to the new job.  Off to pack and choose more clothes and make more lists of things for the new apartment!  I’ll be blogging more about the move and our vacation soon!!

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