Off Track



I knew at some point it would happen.  We are all human and make errors.  We tend to go back into old habits.  I had a rough week this past week.  Even over the holidays, I struggled, but kept up with my exercise really well even if I didn’t eat good.  This past week got me from both sides.  I will say that I did Zumba Monday and Wednesday night and trained on Tuesday, but then I only made it back to the gym on Saturday.  You might think that’s nothing-I only skipped two days, but it felt like forever and I also had Mexican for lunch and pigged out and pretty much nibbled whatever I wanted including a few sodas during those no exercise days.  I know it could have been way longer and WAY worse of a lapse into my old self.  I think the main thing that made me really get back into my new habit so quickly is the upcoming Mardi Gras season and the fact that I will be attending not one, but two balls this year!  I have never gotten to go to a ball, so I’m super excited.  Yesterday was a fun filled day with my friend shopping and searching for the perfect dresses.  It felt like prom back in high school, crammed in a dressing room, trying to get a gown over your head and not fall on your backside while getting into it.  I have posted before that I have lost several dress/jean sizes, but I’m still at that top end of what stores even carry, so it limits my choices extremely.  I look forward to the time when I have a hard time choosing because more things fit.  I was able to get a beautiful blue gown and jacket and a purple gown that is my favorite and a pair of silver sandals all for $92.00!  I you haven’t ever shopped consignment you should definitely check it out.  I would have paid over $500 if I had gotten them new and they are in excellent condition and now I own them and don’t have to stress over a rental and spilling something.  Great thing is I have a work conference in April that I can probably even reuse one of them for the formal dinner night.  I’m pretty happy with my sizing right now.  I still have a long way to go but I fit into a 20 and the other is a 22/24 and you know how dresses tend to run tight.  I was a full 28 when I started my journey and probably would have had to special order a dress or paid a huge amount more so it’s pretty exciting to really see how much I’ve changed.  The blue one is pretty tight in the tummy area so I’m going to work really hard on my core exercises the next two weeks.  I am totally motivated to work hard so I’ll be the one with ice packs and the heating pad after my work outs the next little bit-always fun to have some motivation for a big push.  My next weigh in is in March so might as well get a good kick start going now!!  I will say though, that I am not one who will take diet pills or starve myself-it’s better to work out and eat good.  That way the work is worth it and the weight stays off.  Happy Mardi Gras!!  More to come…. 

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