Not so nice neighbors

I have a big dog. I walk her through our neighbor’s yard up to the cul de sac behind us most every day now. Used to it was just weekends but I added in more because it keeps her happy and quieter during the day. The way our house is set up in the neighborhood there is one house to our right then some woods then another house and then a side street. There are two houses to our left then some woods then more houses and a steep hill area. Behind us there are several houses and our backyard area joins into two of those. One is open and has a big glass kitchen/dining window that is beautiful and at night you can see the glow of the lights they leave on. Hap and Becky are retired and really friendly. They have allowed us to walk Ava through their yard to access the cul de sac without taking Ava on the main road that has heavy traffic and is way more dangerous. The house to the right of them and directly behind us has a fence up on the hill separating us and now a lot of negative feelings separating us also. The path we take with Ava is to the side of their house and yard. They have never liked Ava. Seems they had a dog for a while and he was lonely and left out back and as far as I could tell never walked and then the dog went and they had a baby. That’s great, congrats…but you don’t have to hate my dog because you have a baby. The one other time we saw them when walking Ava they had a baby stroller and it scared Ava to death so of course she barked. They suggested then that she had “disturbed them” with her barking before and I apologized and half believed it. There are so many dogs in our neighborhood. So many outdoor dogs who bark all the time and are even disturbing to us. I can’t tell you how many times Ava and I have made the walk up the hill quietly crushing the leaves and trying not to make a sound. Hundreds actually!! Many many times that we have never made a peep passing by them as they slumbered. But today, oh today Hap and Becky’s son and family AND bassett hound were leaving around 7am just as we were finishing our walk and cutting back through to the house. And of course, Ava wags and barks and the bassett bayed his loudest in the car as they were leaving and we are all chatting and smiling and then SHE walks out. “Could you please not cut through the yards with your dog anymore in the mornings, my baby is still sleeping”. As soon as she’d walked out she disappeared back to her house not allowing any argument or talk between us or to even allow us to say it was an exception due to the family and dog leaving. Becky and I looked at each other like children caught doing something bad. I just nodded and said ok. I thought of a million things I wish I HAD said to her as I approached the house. “Sorry your baby is so sensitive to noise” or “sorry, I’m not cutting through your yard, I have permission to cut through Becky’s” but I didn’t want to make things bad between the two of them. I’m sure the basset hound’s howling over the Thanksgiving holiday was unbearable to sour neighbor lady as I heard it at my house and didn’t let it bother me except to think poor dog, it’s in a strange house and everyone left him for a few hours. So, I will start taking Ava the more dangerous way around the road in the mornings and hope for the best. She only said mornings so I’ll still cut through in the evenings. I wont utter the expletive nicknames I have for this woman now. I thought about writing her a letter but what good would that do except cause more anger between us. There is nothing I can say to make her like my dog and she doesn’t care about the many times we’ve passed her house in silence. It was only about today and no explanation was even allowed to be given. I get that she has a baby, I get that she doesn’t want it to be wakened by my dog barking but I also know that it was one of the rare occasions of her barking on a walk. I get a feeling she is not a very nice person in general. Maybe she had a bad experience with a dog when she was younger and she definitely wouldn’t consider one part of her family like we do. So, feelings hurt and upset I have to go another route I will be the grown up and not try and cause more trouble. If someone causes a disturbance maybe consider if it’s a constant issue or something that was just due to a circumstance before you jump all over someone about it. There are always two sides to every story and mine is usually pretty quiet. lol

Ava Driveway

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