Not Feeling It

Cat not feeling it


Well, the old left knee is back to being a problem and I HAVE to break down and see the doctor again.  I’m fearful of falling back so much more or needing surgery but I can’t keep on living like this, limping through my day.  I’ve had to cut back out of Zumba and right now even the gym and it’s honestly depressing and I just want to eat my way through my day.  It’s so much easier to keep your diet better when you are putting in the work out effort.


I’m heading on a fun trip to New Orleans tomorrow and I will enjoy the day and the show I’m going to tomorrow night but I have to get myself back in the losing weight mindset!!  I walked over 9 miles total on Saturday between my son’s school registration and our adventures at the Hot Air Balloon Festival which was great on the activity level but then I could barely move on Sunday and spent most of Mother’s Day in bed recovering.  


I know I can get my eating back under control and do some exercises no matter how my knee is feeling.  So before this week ends I am determined that even though I truly am not feeling it right now I will make some steps back in the right direction.  

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