No pain, no gain

I should really say no pain, no loss.  Today is one of those days when I have worked out hard all week and my muscles ache.  It’s not intolerable and in a way it makes me feel good because I know I worked out well and I am making more progress.  I work with my trainer and do different muscle groups each visit.  Usually we rotate legs then arms the next visit but because I went in place of a Zumba class this week, we worked my core muscles more and I did some new exercises.  I definitely recommend working with a trainer if you can.  Tres keeps me challenged and teaches me new moves that I would never try on my own.  We even talked “end game” so to speak the other day.  Basically that I am looking at a good year to hit my goal of losing 101 pounds and he will work along with me until I get where I want to be.  Seriously, if you have a Planet Fitness near you check it out and if you are lucky enough to find a trainer like Tres Wortham who will really commit to work with you on a regular basis it can be such an encouragement.  I have someone who expects me to be there and that really helps.  I am pretty motivated to go just because I want to lose the weight.  I set up a schedule and that is something else I totally encourage you to do.  Set aside specific times that you will work out and really work to stick with them.  I will post my schedule at the end so you get an idea of my week.  What I am doing may be too much for you right now, but try a little every week…anything is better than nothing!!  Make sure and get checked out with your doctor that you are ok to exercise and especially if you chose to eat low carb like me.  The good thing is low carb tends to be low sugar!  Send me a private message if you want more information or details about my workouts and I may even start to post some of what I do on here as well.  As far as my loss-I am holding steady at 27 pounds but the greatest changes are in my measurements.  I have dropped 4 inches from my belly, 3 inches from my butt and 2 inches from my upper thighs and upper arms and pretty much two dress/pants sizes.  I was in a women’s 26/28 and now fit into an 18/20 which is also going from a 3X to a 1X.  Extra large is still tight but it’s getting better.  I am able to fit into clothes in my closet from years ago and I am starting to get rid of the bigger clothes so that I don’t give myself permission to ever fit back into them again!  So, basically I want to encourage you to:

  1. Write down your goals and how you want to get there.
  2. Get involved in a gym or exercise program you enjoy!
  3. Make a schedule and work to stick to it
  4. Find an eating plan that works for you
  5. Don’t give up no matter where you are with your weight right now!!

My schedule for a typical week looks like this.. keep in mind I do have a 19 year old daughter and 14 year old son who can help with house stuff and a hubby who is super supportive.  I understand you might not have the luxury that I do of those helps in your life but you can still make a change that will work for you!!

  • Monday– 6am gym with trainer    (arms)
  • Tuesday– 6:30pm Zumba class
  • Wednesday – 6:30pm gym with trainer   (legs)
  • Thursday – 6:30pm Zumba class
  • Friday – 6am gym with trainer  (arms)
  • Saturday – private session with trainer or cardio at the gym
  • Sunday -rest day but usually still walk the dog 1/2 mile

I used to allow myself to eat what I wanted on Sundays but I cut back to only when I hit a particular number goal on my weight.  Eating too many carbs on a weekend kept throwing me too far behind.  I try to choose around special occasions as well.  I was talking to friends today about still being excited about the holidays because I know I can make my lifestyle of eating work with the food…or really make the food work for me by making good choices.  Keep your chin up and I hope this is a bit helpful. I’m feeling awesome today after taking those measurements and the little pain of muscles aching makes me know I’m doing the right things to get those pounds down!!

Find a local Planet Fitness by clicking here: Planet Fitness







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