New Challenges

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I have been away from blogging for far too long.  My new job in Chattanooga, TN has been exciting and challenging.  I work with some amazing people every day and there have been some crazy ones where I have wanted to just run away, but the best ones are when you get a problem solved and are able to go home feeling like you are fulfilling a purpose and that you know you are making a difference.  


The losing weight part is a losing battle right now.  Unfortunately with the business of work, I have fallen back to my love for sodas and fast food.  It’s so hard to eat good on the run.  My new apartment is barely furnished yet and I am slowly getting my kitchen together.  The days are long so coming home to cook is just not an option right now.  I am going to focus more on finding better pre-made foods to eat and get back to officially working out or walking.  I inspected four of our buildings last week and that included a bunch of up and down the stairs.  I wasn’t as sore as I expected in the days after and I am still fitting into my smaller clothing, so there is hope!!  


There are so many changes going on and so much I would like to write about.  I will take more time soon share more on the blog.  I wanted to share a quick hello and yes, I am still out here.  I want to challenge myself to get back to where I was on a path to losing more weight.  I miss my Planet Fitness team in Daphne, AL and I am determined to finally make myself stop in to the one here in Chattanooga and check it out.  It’s a little further drive and I may end up finding a closer option, but I have to at least take that first step back in the right direction.  I hope to report on my next entry that I have made this step to get back to some exercise!  

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