My food addiction



One of my biggest struggles is eating.  I love food.  I love the taste, the textures and I especially love chocolate and candy.  I am big on flavor and one thing I have learned as I am losing weight is that if something doesn’t taste good, I don’t have to eat it.  Not that I promote wasting food, I just mean especially if it’s something my teenagers have that’s tempting, if it’s not really that great, I will save the calories for something else.  There are some things I have learned just not to keep in the house and my kids have been pretty helpful in shifting some of their snacks to help me out.  My worst time is the end of a work day when I come home until right before I go to bed.  I can do good all day long and ruin it in one fail swoop of snacking before bed!  I get so frustrated with myself and the biggest help I have found is to have snacks on hand that are healthy right where I can get to them so I’m not tempted by the bad stuff.  


Right now I am in a bad spot and am still having trouble with my left knee.  I am finally calling a doctor and getting it looked at today.  After cutting out of Zumba and changing to a mostly upper body workout at the gym, I am still to the point that I can barely walk on my left leg.  It’s so disheartening after coming so far the past year.  I was in the middle of the next push for my weigh in on March 25th.  I am not giving up but I have to get it checked out and see what’s really going on with the knee and what has to be done to get it back to good.  One thing I’m nervous about is I know they weigh you and do blood pressure.  I was really hoping to wait until March to see where I am and honestly I’ve had some bad eating days out of my frustration over the situation with my knee.  I DO know that I am in smaller clothes than I ever have been from the beginning of this journey.  I started out in a Women’s 28 pants/dress and am for the first time since high school wearing an 18 pants and can fit into a 14/16 top after being in a 3X for years and years.  It has been exciting and fun to get rid of large things that don’t fit anymore.  I just had to put another pair of pants in the bag for Goodwill because they were like clown pants on me now.  


So, here I am facing a struggle and not being able to exercise much and will have to see what the doctor says, but this morning I am starting back on a low carb diet to keep me on track on my losing weight.  Once I add some more exercise back in I will ad some healthy carbs back in, but for the moment it seems the best thing for me personally is to commit to low carb again because it’s not as difficult for me as counting calories.  Instead of just going back into old eating habits and grabbing sodas and sweets, I will fight through this momentary block and get back on track after it is resolved.


Don’t let speed bumps cause you to stop, just slow down and get over them!!  I am still excited about reaching my end goal of losing 101 pounds total.  I just have to accept it may take a little longer than I originally anticipated.  Don’t stop reaching for your goals.   

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