I am a HUGE music fan! I personally love Workout Radio on Pandora. It’s gotten me through so many workouts! I’ve become a big fan of Fall Out Boy, Lenny Kravitz, and even Pitbull. Just read a new article on him in fact-very cool that he gives his mom credit for helping him overcome drugs and I didn’t realize he was a dad.. Pitbull People Article. I think it’s important not to get bored with your workout and changing up the music is a good way to keep it fresh and stay motivated. I usually have earphones in music blasting when I do a 5K walk unless I have friends walking with me-then I think it’s rude unless you agree ahead of time to use your music. I have two big walks coming up in the next week and a half. The Making Strides Breast Cancer walk on Saturday, October 31st in Mobile, AL. It will be a 5 mile walk and I will most likely visit with friends while I walk this one. The other is a 5K for United Cerebral Palsy’s Christmas Nights of Lights and I am speed walking for this in a timed race and will definitely have my music going. I tend to use Pandora and let random songs come up but I might program in a playlist for myself this time. I’ll let you know which I end up preferring after the race. I am going to ad a few links here at the end including links to join either of those upcoming walks/runs if you are local and would like to join me and another is a link to Fitness Magazine online’s top 100 workout songs for Spotify. I’ve used this on my computer before and need to load it again so I can ad to my variety. The options out there are pretty limitless. So, go find some cool music that inspires you and feel free to log in and share your favorite workout songs with me below!!

This is the link for the Making Strides walk this coming Saturday, October 31st in Mobile, AL This one is FREE-donations are welcome.
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk sign up

This is the link for the Night of Lights Race for Cerebral Palsy on Thursday, November 5th in Mobile, AL. This one costs about $22 per person and you get a shirt.
United Cerebral Palsy Night of Lights Sign Up

Here is the list from for the top 100 workout songs. Check out other articles on their page-good stuff!
Fitness Magazine online’s Top 100 workout songs

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