Moving Day!



Today is packing day for me and tomorrow I head out to Chattanooga, TN for my new job.  I will be moving alone at first and have a schedule to come home about every other weekend.  I am excited that I will take my daughter Deborah with me the end of the month after I get a little more settled in.  It will be a challenge for the family but I know we can do it.  


My 14 year old, Nathan will also be moving on August 14th.  He will make his move to the Math and Science school in downtown Mobile, AL.  We are very proud of him and know he will do well.  There will just be lots of adjustments with everyone in different directions.


Our poor dog, Ava will not know what to think.  Just when we got a new harness and had her getting so much more calm, she had a horrible experience outside this week when the neighbors were getting their deck worked on.  Basically the remaining part of a broken decking fell down right close to where the kids were walking her on her usual path.  It scared her SO bad that she has not even wanted to go outside to use the bathroom.  We are slowly coaxing her and hoping she will get over the fears from that happening.  It just makes me really nervous for them to have to fight a 108 pound dog in and out of the house to just do her normal routine.  She did better for me this morning so I’m hoping we can work with her to get her back to a normal routine.  Just some added worry to all the change!! 


I should have internet at my new EMPTY apartment on Monday and a bed arriving from Amazon on Wednesday and am staying with a friend for a few days while I get settled.  I have clothes in plastic containers and will pack up my toiletries and a few other things today.  I’ve scoped out some pricing on small things like a bistro set for the dining area and will add in new furniture pieces bit by bit.  I decided to wait and grocery shop up there obviously.  The cost of living seems to be a little less and taxes are lower than here in Alabama.  We have to be careful feeding two households but Nathan’s food was paid for by his tuition to Math and Science that we have already pre-paid so that will help come middle of August.  My income will be almost double what I have been making but you have to consider that even though I get a free apartment with my new job I still will have utilities and the traveling back and forth will cost more gas money.  Overall I think it will be a great improvement financially.  I’m hoping for a smooth transition this weekend and I will keep you posted!  I also am promising myself to get connected to the local Planet Fitness and get back to the gym.  I specifically packed exercise clothes for the move!  



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