Man Dancing

This is a little off topic but I couldn’t help but write about it.  A phenomenon my friend Vickie and I have witnessed twice in the past two weeks.  Once at a benefit concert and the other night out listeningMan Dance to some local bands.  It’s a new craze that I personally haven’t seen before and honestly it makes me smile and crack up all at the same time.  Many times, when you go out to hear music and there is a dance floor, at some point during the night after many drinks have been consumed, you will usually have that moment when a particular song is played and the girls “hit the dance floor” all at one time.  The quiet person in the corner or the couple that’s been moving to the beat in their chairs all night will finally get up and get their grove on.  However, it was quite the site to have one or two guys take the floor and then suddenly six or seven.  Not dancing together, just individually jamming on their own and some acknowledging each other.  Same thing but less people on Friday night and several guys who enjoyed showing off their moves.  It was definitely something I haven’t witnessed in the past but I’m ok if it’s the new trend.  Dance on you men who feel the rhythm and aren’t afraid to let it show!

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