Making time to blog


Wow, it has been a busy few weeks.  I’ve had so many things run through my head to write about but no time to sit down and get them into print.  I am helping manage two apartment communities right now.  My co-worker had a baby and is on maternity leave.  It has been exciting and busy and crazy.  I have enjoyed the challenge but I’m ready for some down time and looking forward to the Christmas long weekend coming up.


Eating has been a complete challenge and in some cases failure.  A barrage of cookies and candy with holiday celebrations and overall I haven’t done as bad as years past, but still I’ve had my fill of sweets.  I have still been committed to working out.  On top of other changes, my original Zumba class has concluded.  Our teacher is in a new demanding job and we had our last class December 17th.  On the up side there is another Zumba class in the same location on different nights.  I tried it out and like it.  Several of the ladies from our one class will be moving to the other, but it’s still not meeting until after the first of the year.  So, I have appointments at the gym and my awesome trainer has been encouraging me and pushing me to still work hard through these stressful work days and holiday goodie temptations.  The good thing is I’m still working hard.  I am getting back in control of the food and getting more focused on my next weigh in date of January 8th.  Part of me thinks I will be at a standstill, but the other is focused on working and having another loss despite the holidays.  One thing I have definitely learned about myself is that I stress eat and I have to focus in a different direction.


My other passion has had to be put to the side for a while.  I am a photographer, and haven’t really blogged about that at all yet.  I am very excited to have one of my pictures published in the Mobile Mask magazine for Mobile, AL this year.  I freelance with Steve Joint for the magazine and shoot the Eastern Shore parades for Mardi Gras.  It has been a fun project for the past two years and I have committed to it again this year.  The season will begin about the time I am settled back at just one apartment property for my day job.  I also do senior portraits, family pictures and love live music photography.  I recently participated in a fundraiser for a friend of the local music community who has cancer and even gave away a photo shoot.  The amazing thing was the guy who won my raffle asked me to cash it in to participate in another fundraiser for another musician with cancer.  It’s a donation of time and love but I’m enjoying it and think in the long run it will come back around with paid jobs and even if it doesn’t it makes my heart happy to give to others.


So here is hoping that my numbers are where I want them to be for my weigh in and that I get to pick the camera back up and keep writing a bit more as I go into the new year!!

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