Learning to Race


RACE??  ME???  Never would have thought a few years ago that I would be one to sign up for a 5K.

This was from my October 27, 2014 blog on Tumblr:

“Completing the first thing on my bucket list was pretty exciting!  I have been tired of being a lazy person and decided to sign up for my first 5K walk this year.  My son Nathan and I started with ½ a mile at a time practicing and worked all the way up to the 3.1 mile mark.  The Color Run was held on October 11th and it was so great to cross that finish line!

Color Run 2013






Then I got asked to do the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk in Mobile and said, sure, why not do another one this month??  Keep it going.  Little did we realize that instead of a 5K this one was a 5 MILE walk.  It was amazing to complete 5 miles on October 25th and to make it even sweeter was to walk with Kristin Marshall and Carrie Cox who have become dear friends this year.  I am so blessed and encouraged.  Once again, my son Nathan joined me and it’s been so much fun to share these experiences with him as well.  I know he will be grown so soon but hopefully we will make this a tradition to continue to sign up for walks and maybe even runs down the road.”

Cancer Walk 2014

I really think when I decided to walk in the Color Run that’s the true beginning of my success.  That was spurred on by our work trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia in April of 2013.  We had a group of our managers who walked up Stone Mountain and I only got about 3/4 of the way up.  It started to storm, but even without the bad weather there is no way I would have made it all the way to the top.  That is now one of my new bucket list items-to go back and reach the very top of the mountain.  I was so tired and as it rained I struggled to make it back down the rocky path we had somehow gone up.  One of our corporate employees stayed behind with me in the rain and walked down with me to make sure that I made it down without falling.  How embarrassing, but you know I was proud that I tried.  It wasn’t even mandatory.  I knew how terribly out of shape I was at that moment.

20140427_171520_resized                                      Stone Mt. girls

The great news is I decided to change!  I made some slow, steady changes in my life and now I have made even bigger steady changes and I’m really seeing the results.

I posted a picture of my bedroom mirror at the head of this blog.  It’s probably pretty “teen” looking and that just makes me smile.  I may be 46 but I’m a kid at heart.  I have all of the race bibs on the mirror along with my silly sticky notes with encouraging words like “Go even if you don’t feel like it:” and “You can do this”.  It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come and where I want to go.  My fastest race time is now 51 minutes and I am signed up for a new race November 4th for the speed walking group.  I would love to medal in my age group, but just improving my personal time will make me happy.  And now I have added running a 5K and running a 10K to my bucket list.  There is the Relay for Life in April of 2016 and I am working to be able to run that one and not just walk.

Races are a great way to get out there and build up your distance and strength.  It’s been very helpful for me to have those goals to reach for so that my other workouts have a purpose besides just losing weight.  The other great thing is that most often they are for a good cause, like children’s hospitals, cancer find a cure walks, heart walks, and so many others.  There are some great web sites that list races in any area.  Check these out and sign up for one!

Event Brite   You have to create a user name but it has races and all kinds of local events listed.

Little Red Hen Productions  This is a local page for the Mobile, AL area-it’s really cool and even has the race times for a full year so my name and my son’s name are on the ones we have run/walked!!




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