It Fits!

It’s coming up on my 9th wedding anniversary and I don’t think I truly ever thought I would fit into my wedding dress again. Several wonderful people have given me clothes this past week since they know I have been losing weight. I have just started going through and trying them on. It’s very exciting to fit into smaller sizes. So, as I was digging through my closet I decided just for giggles to pull my wedding dress out and try it on.  It actually fits better than it did the day I got married. I’m smaller than I was 9 years ago!!  A pretty exciting accomplishment.  There were a few other older dresses and outfits hiding in my closet.  They bring up good memories of meeting my hubby in Raleigh, NC and our wedding in Brandon, MS at our friend’s house.  Since it was a second wedding for us both, I wore a beautiful cream short sleeve beaded dress and we had the ceremony outdoors at a gazebo at the Coulon’s house.  That is a whole other blog-growing up with some wonderful friends and crazy times with our family friends who are to this day very special.  Margaret and Joe Coulon are like my other parents, so it was an honor to be able to have the wedding at their house.  It was fall and we had lots of colorful mums.  The kids were a part of the ceremony and the weather was just perfect.  I chose a non-traditional song and walked up a brick path to “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini” from Somewhere in Time.  Sometimes it seems just like yesterday and I can’t believe it’s already been nine years.  The kids are 19 and 14 now. Deborah graduated and has started her own pet sitting service and Nathan has started high school.  Where did the years go?  I am so thankful that they are super supportive of my weight loss and help out around the house so that I can go to classes and work out.  The great part is we are starting to do more together as a family like going trail walking yesterday.  I look forward to see what the next nine years hold and truly believe that by the end of 2016 and even sooner I will be in a size smaller than I was in my high school years.  It is so worth the work to see the results!


Wedding Picture 2006

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