Hiding the scale

It’s kind of funny that I named my blog Frowns at Pounds and my trainer just asked me yesterday to not weigh in for a month!  I will not lie, I am a scale hound-weighing in most every day.  I can take a picture of my tracking pages to prove it.  I know it’s good to only measure once a month so you can see the big picture of your changes.  Soooo, I am going to take Tres up on his challenge.  My scale happens to be digital and it just died and needs new batteries.  I bought some but I haven’t changed them out so it’s perfect timing.  I will refrain from stepping on any scale until October 31st!  I say the 31st because it is the Saturday of our Making Strides of South Alabama breast cancer awareness 5 mile walk and of course Halloween!!  I will indulge in some major candy eating Saturday evening IF I reach my next written goal.  Definitely make yourself specific goals and TREAT yourself when you reach one.  I look forward to picking something special to have.  If you don’t want it to be food, reward yourself with a new dress or purse or something that makes you really happy!!  I hope you keep following me and we will see together how the numbers turn out on the 31st.  In the meantime I am working to post either something written or a recipe or health tip every day so please come back for more!

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