Gym time

I missed my time at Planet Fitness when I traveled but it just makes me appreciate it more. I have mentioned that I take advantage of the free training program. I’m lucky to have someone who is totally committed to helping me reach for my goals. Working with a trainer to me is very different then just going to the gym for a workout. It’s what I need right now to push and make myself work harder than I would just walking in and doing my own routine. I’ve learned lots of different exercises and actually enough that I can do a pretty good fitness program on my own but there is a big benefit to having a detailed program with someone working through it with you. I usually go in the early mornings around 6am, warm up on the treadmill and then do a leg or arm workout for 30 minutes before I have to get ready for work. I laugh because my trainer sees me at my worst but he also sees me at my best. Hair in a pony tail, no makeup, just waking up for the day…I’m not there to impress, I’m there to work and he knows it. I’m sore this morning from our leg workout yesterday, but it’s not this horrible thing. It lets me know I did good and I worked out well. I have worked up to leg pressing 190 pounds-that’s more than my son weighs! It’s hard to explain the feeling of accomplishing a higher goal than you hit before. Higher amounts of weights or something I couldn’t think of doing when I started like getting on the stair machine. The hardest part is when I fail at an attempt to do a particular exercise, but we move on to something else and come back to try it again a few weeks later. I couldn’t even lunge at ALL when we started and now I can make decent strides. I also have a weak knee from my dog pulling me down our hill last year. It’s been a real struggle to get it stronger but I’m finally feeling more comfortable with it and many times it’s truly mind over matter and just working through my fears to do the work. Communication is also key. I always give feedback about my comfort level and I’m never pushed to do something that is painful, but I DO push through something that is difficult and there is a big difference. Only good communication and trust between you and your trainer can help you keep improving. I sometimes hold back on the trust factor but I’m slowly doing better with that. I know that the last thing my trainer wants is for me to get injured or have to go backwards on my workouts and I have to trust that each exercise he chooses for me that day is to better my progress. Right now we are pushing harder with my next weigh in only 10 days away. It’s great to have that extra push and words of encouragement as you go through a workout. It makes all the difference for me. Leaving with a high five or a fist bump and knowing that I gave it my all for that day is the seeing me at my best part. My confidence has improved on many levels from me working out. I’m sure I would be making some progress on my own but not nearly the strides and distance I have come with my trainer.

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