Getting back on the bike



If you have read some of my blog then you know I’ve recently been struggling with some issues with my left knee.  It’s been such a damper on my push to lose weight and I really got flustered and went in the wrong direction.  I was resting a good bit and not working out and eating out of frustration.  Then we had our awesome work conference with food and alcohol and more food.  I lapsed back to drinking sodas pretty much every day.  I am sorry but I still just love a regular Coca Cola and probably will always love them.  And I paid for my lapse with a pretty hefty gain for my last weigh in.  I even avoided getting on the scale Friday the 22nd.  I was fearful to see the damage, but by Monday I fessed up and just measured.  Almost 11 pounds and an inch gained back over just a month of not working out much and eating bad.  Ouch!!  I’ve done well for so long-almost a full year.  It was hard to have a gain, but life is ever changing and we have to adjust to changes.  


My first step has been to be honest with myself and then get back to the gym on a regular basis.  My Planet Fitness trainer Tres has been awesome to really work around and now work on my knee with me.  I have been able to do two lower body workouts this week and it’s so exciting to be back at it.  I love upper body so it’s been great to keep that going, even when I was faltering a bit.  I have become a huge fan of the recumbent bike, thus my blog title.  I’m back on the bike!  I have also started adding in the Arc trainer again.  That thing can be pretty intimidating, but if your gym has one get a trainer to show you the proper way to use it-it will make all the difference!  I went from only 10 minutes on it Monday to 18 today and that 18 minutes burned 200 calories!!  Wow…yeah, that’s a great workout when you’ve had to cut other things like Zumba out for a while. 


I’m also very excited that my trainer had me be his “guinea pig” so to speak for trying Herbalife products. I have been approached by many people with many products over the past year and even sampled some.  I know each and every person believes wholeheartedly in the product they use and sell and that is awesome.  I don’t want to step on any toes and just feel this was the right product at the perfectly right time to get me back on track.  I am very impressed with the flavor and lack of foaminess to the shakes and I only have sampled one flavor so far.  I also tried the “Total Control” tablets and they really helped with hunger and have some caffeine which helps with my not drinking sodas.  So today was my third and final day of the trial pack (which is only $21.30 with tax and shipping).  I weigh again tomorrow morning and am pretty excited.  Now I kept my calories to around 1300 a day with a shake for breakfast and one for lunch with small protein portions and a decent planned out dinner-usually a salad or veggies and some chicken.  I added a bit of rice pre-workout to add a few carbs.  I’ve learned so much this year about nutrition and I’m still learning.  I definitely will continue to replace about one meal a day with a shake and most likely breakfast because I wake up on the go.  We will be hosting a Shake party soon so if you are local keep on the lookout.  I will also put the link for the web site that Tres has set up for sales and you can order from anywhere!  Also, if you are local Tres offers private personal training sessions.  It’s something I’ve added in on a pretty regular basis to help boost my weight loss.  You can use the contact number from the link below to contact him.  

Tres Wortham Herbalife Page

I will be posting my new weight tomorrow!  Stay motivated and never give up!!! 

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