Down Day

I am usually a bubbly positive outgoing personality and anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t have too many down days throughout a month, but today was definitely one of them.  I have really been struggling with my eating and what direction to go.  I started counting calories again with My Fitness Pal and stopped the extreme low carbohydrate for just a bit.  The only bad thing about tracking my food all day is it truly makes me more hungry thinking about it more.  I’m really at a torn place and will probably just choose to go back to my high protein low carb because at least for me it’s easier.  But I know sometimes easy isn’t always best.  There are many many people who have been successful long term with low carb and many who have done the same counting what calories they intake.  I know overall I should have a healthy balance and for a long term I will definitely have some carbs in my diet.  For now I’m going to get through this week of counting and see how I am by the weekend.  I have settled with my trainer to weigh in again on Friday, January 8th.  Get through the holidays working hard and eating well and get some more pounds off!  It just seemed a bit overwhelming today.



My other down thing is my son will not be able to make it to the Night of Lights Walk with me tomorrow night.  I posted on Facebook this morning and have talked to several awesome friends and decided no matter what I would go tomorrow even if I walk alone.  I literally cried from my work to Planet Fitness to do my workout tonight.  I had to sit in my car and get my composure together.  And as I walked in the door, I ran into one of my Zumba friends, Adrianne leaving the gym.  I asked if she wanted to do the speed walk with me at the race tomorrow and she said yes!  I was beyond excited and it really turned my day around.  I also got some good training time in which is sometimes hard to do on a week night and I got to meet Curtis who is one of the bodybuilders at the gym who is beyond committed to his workouts.  It’s really great to hear words of encouragement not only from your trainer but other members who are cheering you on.  Curtis was even specific about where I’ve come with my loss and where I want to be at my next weigh in.  I really had placed goals to go for shorter terms so I honestly haven’t put the new goal down on paper.  We talked about how I have lost 8.8 pounds in one month and 35 pounds in about 5 months, so he said with my momentum and commitment, I should shoot for another 30-35 for my January 8th weigh in because as you lose, it’s starts going faster if you stay with it.  THIS was a huge encouragement to me!!  So this down day has ended on a much brighter note.  I am a little over on the calories for today-food won a little today, but tomorrow is a new day and I will work at it again until I get it.  And in the end, I will reach my goals!! 

Each new day

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