Don’t hate on the skinny people

I had to Judgement Freelaugh at myself because I’ve been a member of Planet Fitness for over a year now.  I love going there and between the gym and my Zumba classes I have been able to start my journey and am back pushing hard on it again.  The reason for my laughter isn’t really that funny.  I’m kind of embarrassed and sad that I have been one to judge in the place that is called the “No Judgement Zone”.  I have secretly hated on the skinny people, especially the skinny women who are in good shape.  I think mostly out of my insecurity and doubt that I would ever be in that category.  But I am here to tell you that everyone no matter what shape or size has insecurities and things they don’t like about themselves and even when I reach my goal weight, I will still have things that I’m not happy about with my body.  My lesson was learned when one of these “skinny girls” approached me as I was leaving the gym not even a month ago and stopped to compliment that she saw me there working all the time and to keep up the good work.  I almost cried right there on the spot and I did a little when I got to my car.  The skinny girl who I envied told ME that I did good.  Talk about being humbled and realizing that any of us can be judgmental including myself.  I saw her and her workout buddy again this morning and smiled and no longer think of them as “those skinny girls”.  Once again she was complementing that she could see how much I was changing.  How encouraging is that to make you push even harder for your goal when people of all shapes and sizes are cheering you on.  


Don’t be the one who judges others.  Stop and appreciate each person for the good things you see in them or take the time to find something to compliment them about.  Be genuine and tell them something from your heart.  It totally changed my perspective and I’m so glad that all of us in so many shapes and sizes and places in our journey can get together and work out in an awesome environment.  I’m thankful that my perspective was changed and that I saw something in myself that needed to change along with my journey to lose weight is my journey to lose being judgemental.  Thank you to my Planet Fitness family for the wakeup call that happened in my heart and mind.  It’s exciting to see the physical changes but also the emotional changes that I am going through.     

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