Boost of confidence

CR48F3 A conceptual look at confidence, poise, assurance, cool.

One thing I am really beginning to notice is my level of confidence.  Not only confidence in myself at the gym as I workout or try new challenges, but also my confidence at work and in stressful situations much more than I have seen in myself before.  I have had quite the crazy week and I am covering for two apartment communities right now instead of just one and to top it off finished the ending inspections of a re-finance project yesterday.  Four different people to speak with and answer questions and show around.  It was such a nice feeling to not be sick to my stomach yesterday.  That used to be my reaction to a situation with visitors or inspections.  It was actually enjoyable to answer questions and feel confident in myself and my product.

Today I traveled to both properties and got a good bit accomplished.  Again I would have been stressing and really beside myself, but I made lists and worked through them.  I still have much to do this week but overall I’m pretty happy with myself.

I can’t say that all of it is from working out and losing weight, but a good bit has definitely come from that.  A little part is that I’m getting older and realize that things I used to think were earth shattering aren’t so much any more.  But I give a large amount of the credit to my new found workout routines this year.  I hold my shoulders high now and I don’t slump like I used to and that alone has a freeing amount of power.  I hope this trend continues and even though it has been a very stressful week, I have made my time to go to the gym and to Zumba and keep my exercise routine in place!

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