Birds of a Feather

images-birdfeeders-small hopper feeder

My computer ate my words!  I had a post about sitting and watching the birds feed at my house.  It’s not often I get to sit for long with my busy schedule, but this past weekend I was able to sit at the breakfast table and watch Cardinals with their red feathers, mamas are soft red and papas are bright red, Chickadees with their black tuxedo looking markings, Tufted Titmice with the cute little gray bodies and top notch on the head and even a Wren with his brown feathers and distinctive line across the eye area come to my new little bird feeder.  It’s something my mom has passed down to me and I love bird watching.  We get so busy with our lives that we forget to stop and enjoy the simple things sometimes.  My husband thinks I’m silly but it’s a guilty pleasure that is very relaxing for me.  The busiest time on the feeder is usually between 9-10am and during the week I’m already at work.  I might get a chance to sit again this Saturday but even between it’s fun knowing the feeder is there and to see the seeds slowly get lower in the tray.  Hopefully I will have a few extra moments to enjoy the birds over Christmas.

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