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One of the things that has come up so often lately is how much losing weight is a DAILY struggle.  It’s sometimes so hard to balance everything.  Family, work, outside activities, necessary things like grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, dishes, birthdays, holidays, the list goes on and on.  The biggest thing that helps me is being prepared for an upcoming week.  I’ve started taking time on Sundays to prepare food and sometimes clothes for the week.  This past weekend I wasn’t so successful with that whole plan.  Two weeks prior I have been on the ball, containers filled with food, thinking ahead about what I would eat and wear.  This week just kind of crumbled and I wasn’t very prepared.  Overall I recovered fairly well.  I have kept my exercise going daily and when I look back at the full three weeks, I really did eat the small meals for a large portion of my time.


I’ve taken to the six small meals a day fairly well and a few times in the past week I decided to eat a whole sandwich and I would be beyond full and wish I had cut it in half first.  I’m really working towards this especially on the weekends.  I also had a few times I went out and that wasn’t so great.  I have a hard time controlling myself at a restaurant.  But I will say that I have only gone to one fast food place in three weeks and it was Sonic where I only got the Diet Cherry Limeade.  I wanted lots of other things, but my son was with me and was a real help.  The worst was the other night when we got meat from the grocery store and made homemade burgers.  I did just have one when I really would have used to have eaten two, but I should have even cut it in half.  Then we had bought ice cream.  It was buy one get one free, so of course we got two and one was the Waffle Dream Cone with the chocolate pieces covering waffle cone in vanilla with caramel.  I was horrible!  I had so much that same night and even more the next night-like a quarter of the carton bad.  My hubby was so upset with me.  I had gone to the gym both days but that second night I was so guilt tripped.  I did four sets of 15 sit ups before bed.  Yes, 60, sixty, Six Zero, sit ups!  I’m sure that made up for a little bit of my failure.  The thing is, you have to decide.  OK, am I going to start eating bad again?  Do I just have everything else in the pantry??  No, I decided to get back on track the next day.  And that my friends is the difference in success and failure.  You are ALWAYS going to have small failures.  Do you let them turn into more and more bad decisions or do you pull your boot straps up and start over again?  I am hoping for a really good number on my weigh in tomorrow, but no matter what, I am no longer drinking sodas, I am working out and I am eating better than I have in a long time in my life, and that is worth it to feel better no matter what my results my be.  Don’t let a temporary failure mess up the rest of your day or week or month.  Start again, try again, keep pushing and it will happen!!!


Balance is such a hard thing to find.  I work a full time job, work as a part-time photographer which is picking up tremendously right now.  I’m a mom of two teenagers, I pay the bills, grocery shop and make time for the gym almost every day.  Thank goodness my kids are helpful with household chores or we might be up to the ceiling with laundry and I’m so fortunate my son likes to cook and helps keep us fed.  I am really bad about not setting some time aside just for me to chill.  I run around so much on a daily basis and I plan for a weekend day to relax every once in a while but most often it doesn’t happen or when it does I feel guilty if I don’t do something!!  I am giving myself permission to set aside some down time.  I think sometimes we have to schedule even those quiet moments into our lives in our busy society.  I keep a calendar in my purse with penciled in dates for work appointments, birthdays, doctor appointments, photography jobs and sometimes personal outings and fun..  I think overall I keep my life pretty balanced, but I am going to try and have a little more down time in between all of the “busy” and try and not feel guilty about it.  Figure out what might need to be more balanced in your life.  Sometimes writing things down helps me put it all into perspective.  Take time for yourself!  Find your balance.





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