Back to training!!



So it’s been about a week and I finally got myself back on a schedule.  It’s funny because when you are on a weight loss journey or at least for me a week can seem like an eternity away from the gym!  My knee is slowly feeling better again but I’m still going to follow up with another doctor visit.  I go this coming Wednesday and am hopeful for some resolution to the pain without surgery or too much time off.  Like my trainer said this morning…we can work out even if I have to be in a cast.  I guess that’s the biggest thing that I am overcoming right now.  I CAN still work out, I WILL still work out.  I have been in this funk of not doing much at the gym and eating in my old ways and sulking that I’m dealing with pain..”oh, woe is me”!  Well, get off the woe and get back to it!!!  There will always be an excuse.  I was sitting and watching “My 600 Pound Life” drinking wine and crying the whole time the other night.  I know I don’t want to ever be that big and I know I don’t even want to ever be back up to 300 pounds.  So, here I am.  Making myself stop the pity party because I am the only one who can help myself.  I am the only one who can decide, yes, I AM going to the gym this morning.  Yes, I will eat better and take care of me.  Don’t give up on yourself when you go through a “dry” spell and feel defeated.  I have certainly struggled this past few weeks and even gone backwards some.  


I turned 47 yesterday.  It’s crazy to think that this year I am in better shape than I have been in so many years past.  Just think of that.  I weigh less than I have in over six years!  I wasn’t so sad to greet another year because this past year has been a year of triumphs in my life.  I’m blessed with a wonderful supportive family and friends, a great job with a great company and even a side job that keeps me on my toes and involved with other people’s lives through photography.  I am so excited to see where this year takes me.  


My son and I had planned to travel to Texas this year to explore a park that offers a very dark area for stargazing.  We made a slight change of plans to give us some more financial flexibility and because I am really aching to see one of my old friends who was a previous co-worker.  We are now planning to visit Chattanooga, Tennessee this June.  It’s funny because I went there as a little girl with my family so it will be neat to see some of the same places now that I’m grown.  Even more fun is to show them to my son.  I truly hope we can travel more each year and see many states and eventually many countries!  This makes me even more excited to continue losing weight so that we can explore walking trails and activities when we visit different areas.  It also will help me be more limber to catch those photographs that I love to take without getting as tired as I used to.  There are so many benefits to continuing this journey of losing weight.  I will enjoy the birthday cake and the good food, but then I will burn it hard in the gym and get back to a healthy eating plan to meet my next goals.


Don’t give up if you have gotten to a bad place and feel defeated.  Don’t turn your back on what you started!  Get back in the game and play hard, push yourself, make it happen!!  


If you would like more information, I work out at Planet Fitness in Daphne, AL.  They have locations all over the US!!  Click here for the Daphne, AL page and HERE if you need to find a location in another state.    



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