I am more excited than nervous to weigh in next Saturday morning. A month without stepping on any scale has been a huge challenge for me but at the same time it has been freeing. I’m not stressing every day or every few days about the numbers. I dig in and do the work and stick to my low carb diet. I really should say low carb lifestyle. I believe that this is a long term change and even though I will have days that I have a treat or even a day that I coose to eat off plan that it’s something I like enough to continue for years. I also know that some people are able to ad some carbs back in after they get to a goal weight due to metabolism changes and depending on activity level.

I love my workouts at the gym and my Zumba classes. I still want to persue running and hope to slowly increase that between weight training. I know I have a long term commitment to exercising and I’m so glad that I have found things that I enjoy and look forward to doing.

So Saturday is my day to see how I have done for the month and I’m pretty excited. I have several sticky notes with number goals posted on my mirror and I am hoping to have hit more than one of them. One of the next big ones will take me off of the Morbidly Obese list. I know some people disagree with the current height and weight charts but for me it’s been a good tool to use as a goal post and it’s still on the back of my doctors door in the patient rooms. The next big goal after that is just to be overweight and not on the obese list at all. Slow steps to reach my goals and very excited to accomplish them this time. This time it’s not a half hearted try, it’s a choice to do the work that has to be done to succeed. It’s a choice that I studied and wrote down on paper and started following. If you are at a point of just not knowing what to do, send me a message. I can’t say that my choices will work for you but we can talk about what might work for you. I know encouragement from others has been key to my success. Maybe you are reading this and don’t struggle with your weight at all. That’s great! I hope it can still be an encouragement in some area of your life. Have a great week! I will be the one sweating a little extra at the gym and pushing just a bit harder this week before my weigh in.

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