Anger Management


This morning was one of the few times I’ve gone to the gym mad.  Just a lot of things on my mind, people who have passed away from cancer and who are currently fighting it, things not going like I expected with some finances, just overall not having a good morning mentally.  I found out that I do rather well with my weight lifting when I push in an angry mode.  Not that I really want to be that way on a regular basis.  Most of you who know me know it takes a whole lot to get me upset and that I rarely have a day that I am not smiling.  My trainer and I joked that I should have more angry days, but decided that really wouldn’t be best on a stress level.  I was excited that I was able to push on the treadmill and with the weights and just really dig in and get my emotions focused.  I definitely left the gym more ready to face my day.


I have mentioned my trainer in several blogs, but I really have to give him kudos for being a big help on my weight loss journey.  Tres Wortham is not the first trainer I have ever worked with, but is definitely the best.  Years ago in North Carolina I joined a gym and had a trainer for a very short while but stopped going when he got focused on selling me meals and supplements more than working out and one time before that I met with a friend and a trainer and she made us go side by side on treadmills when my friend was way advanced on her ability and all the trainer lady did was tell me I was too fat to have children and that I would never lose weight if I didn’t push myself and get on a serious diet.  Well, she pushed me right back out of doing anything.  I did have two children and gained more weight. 


I joined Planet Fitness on April Fool’s Day last year, April 1st and I started working out with Tres around June of 2015.  I had some minor surgery in June and got back to working out on July 7th.  I sat down and wrote out a serious plan on July 17, 2015 and that’s when the changes really started to happen.  I committed to appointments with Tres at Planet Fitness and added in some private personal sessions with Tres that really pushed me even harder.  There have been days I was beyond sore in different muscle groups and he encouraged me to use ice and heat alternating to help my aches which works amazingly well.  Now it’s cool to work even different muscles as I am losing weight and he is forever creative in finding new workouts to keep me challenged and motivated.  There is just so much of a variety of things that I know now that I can do a great workout on my own.  The wonderful thing is, Tres committed to walking along with me to my 101 pound weight loss goal.  That’s so amazing!  And I’ve seen him with other clients.  He truly pours himself into finding the right exercises for the right person and loves to see people succeed.  We’ve even done some group work outs at the gym with other people and it’s great to see how far I’ve advanced and to encourage other people that they can do it too!  I’m almost half way to my goal and my next weigh in is March 25th.  I’m so excited as the pounds keep coming off and maybe just a little sad that eventually I will have to drop off of my training schedule and go out on my own.  The beauty of it is that Tres has given me all the tools I need to keep going.  But for now it’s great to know he’s there cheering me on and pushing me hard to keep stretching my limits and getting me to build up my muscle as I lose the fat.


Join me at our Daphne Planet Fitness if you are local!  It’s only $10 per month right now or they have a Black Membership card that includes tanning, hydro massage bed and bring a friend for $19.99.


Contact me if you would like to get more information on private training sessions and I can get you in touch with Tres.


Keep on keeping on and find what motivates you and go for it!!!

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