A day in “The Big Easy”




I was looking up how New Orleans became known as “The Big Easy” and there are many explanations out there.  I like the the story attached with this link to Names of America.


*Please note all my photos on this particular blog were taken with my Note 5 cell phone.  I usually take my camera, but due to us walking so much and attending a concert I chose to leave it at home. 


We started out by Jackson Square and watched as some of the artists were setting up for the day.  I always love the statue and grassy area with the iron gate surrounding it.  The horse and carriages lined up for the days work.




We went into the St. Louis Cathedral and a tour guide gave us some information on the building itself.  You can go to the link here for the History of the St. Louis Cathedral and even get current information as it is an active church. The Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France is the oldest Catholic cathedral in continual use in the United States.












We moved along and stopped to hear a band playing on Royal Street.  There is nothing like the feel of New Orleans in the summertime.  The jazz music filling the air, the mixtures of smells from the parties of the night before as the city workers rinse the streets.  Palm readers with tables placed right outside of St. Louis cathedral.  Such a mixture of people and culture.  I especially love the music and even got a clip of these guys.  I’m really sad I did not take note of their name and would love to find that out so I could hear more of their music.  I spent a good bit of time searching through videos of bands that play on Royal Street and still never found them.  Please message me if you know who they are!  My pictures are all from my cell phone and I just can’t make out the name even if I enlarge the photo.  The picture is below and this should be a link to the video of them on my Facebook page –


New Orleans Jazz



My trip was planned with myself and my friend Amber so we could see The Cure play and UNO Lakefront Arena that evening and we decided to make a day of it.  We wandered around town and had a few drinks then stopped in at The Market Cafe for lunch.  She loves a good Muffaletta but I’m not a fan of olives and opted for the shrimp Po-Boy.  Both were amazing and there was a live band playing at the cafe while we ate.  You can never hear too much good music when you are in New Orleans!


2016-05-28 06.26.23

We had a leftover quarter of a sandwich and Amber wanted to find someone to give it to so it didn’t just go to waste so we wandered back up to the park area by the Cathedral.  We were laughing a bit because it was difficult to determine if there was just a tourist taking a rest in the park or a truly homeless person who might be in need.  I finally spotted a guy that I knew had been laying in the grass probably with everything he owned in a tattered backpack resting under a tree.  He was just stirring so I gently approached him with the bag and asked if he was hungry.  He grinned from ear to ear and immediately took the food appreciatively begin to eat.  We walked away feeling happy we had taken a moment to share and not just thrown it out.




We did a little more walking around and took a few pictures of our favorite places to dine.  My hubby and I always stop in and eat at the Royal House.  They have the best sauteed crab claws ever!  You get bread to soak in the juice and they make a better Hurricane than Pat O’Brians in my opinion.




Amber and her hubby love  Antoine’s Restaurant.  We will have to put that on our list for our next trip!




Our trip ended with a visit to UNO Lakefront Arena and an amazing show by The Cure.  I’m a huge 80’s fan and these guys still delivered a show that you would have seen in their peak years!! They played an amazing set list and did 5 encores!!  Here is the set list from the show we attended on May, 11, 2016 so you can even play through it.  The Cure, May 11th, New Orleans Set List  

I have to give Amber photo credit on this one.  We only used my cellphone, but she got this awesome shot of the band during the song “Lullaby”.  It was an unforgettable day and night!  We laughed and walked and walked because in our excitement upon arriving at the arena, we failed to pay attention to the ramp we entered on so we didn’t know where we were!  We arrived home in one piece and exhausted and I think she would agree we would repeat the day in a heartbeat, ok maybe minus the extra walking at the end.  




New Orleans is already calling my name again and I look forward to my next trip to explore more food, music and fun!








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