A Chill in the Air


Its’ exactly one month until Winter.   Finally it is cooling off and this morning there was a nice chill in the air.  The kind where you have to layer your clothing a bit and a hoodie felt good to block the wind from my ears.  The kind where that brisk bit of air catches your breath and makes your fingertips tingle a bit.  The smell of a chimney burning catches your nose and the puffy clouds in the blue sky are at a standstill.  Tomorrow starts the week of Thanksgiving and I can’t believe it’s here already.  My parents always said as you get older the years go by faster and that it very true.  I finally have a bit of an urge to decorate for the holidays and listen to some Christmas music.


Our dog loves the cold weather and wants to be outside for longer periods of time when it’s brisk out.  I tend to indulge her when I have the time and it gives me time to be quiet and enjoy my thoughts.  I have to say I even hope we see a little bit of snow this year.  We lived in North Carolina for 15 years and definitely got to see some good accumulations there.  I know a dusting is about the most we see in this area but that would be better than none.  Time to get wood for the fireplace and enjoy some warmth as the nights get cooler!

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