47 is just a number!

47 and loving it

I turned 47 this month.  I have to say I feel younger today than I have in years!  I got beyond tickled at my training session this morning.  There is a song challenge out there from a while back that is sometimes used for different exercises including push ups, but we did it using 10 lb. weights and did press ups.  The song lasts 3:54 and is called Bring Sally Up, which trust me, is a LONG, LONG time when you are lifting or doing an exercise.  The link I attached is the push up version.  I made it through the whole thing!  My trainer let me know that a 21 year old at the gym could only get through 1:20 of it.  (And I’m assuming here that she is somewhat fit by the way he spoke).  Sorry if she gets my info and ever reads my blog, but WOW!  I am so excited that I am working out and not only becoming a smaller person, but becoming a much STRONGER person.  I love the fact that my arms and shoulders are starting to have definition and shape.  I am excited that if I keep working hard, I may even avoid some of the loose skin people deal with when they lose a lot of weight because I’m building up muscle instead.


I started a new challenge called Diet Bet.  There is a Facebook page for it and an app.  I found it through following Mama Laughlin on Facebook.  She is one of my mentors who has a great weight loss success story.  She even did bodybuilding competitions for a while.  So now there are a whole bunch of people who have lost weight and sponsor their own diet bets.  You pledge anywhere from $25 to $100 for a set period of time with a set goal of weight loss.  For example, I bet $35 that I can lose 4% of my body weight by June 21st which for me is right at 10 more pounds.  I lost the first one I did after having more trouble with my knee and just about giving up on exercising.  I went back to old eating habits and almost gave up.  Then I realized how miserable I would be if I didn’t finish what I started so I pulled my big girl panties up and got back into the game.  I have gone to the gym every day and done a workout this past week and it’s amazing how much better my mental attitude becomes.  So back to the Diet Bet.  If you lose, you lose your money and it goes to the people who make their goal.  If you win, you get your money back and a big chance at prizes and even more money.  So, it’s a fun way to work on losing and hold yourself a bit more accountable.


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