40 pounds down!!


Such a great way to start Thanksgiving is knowing I hit my next goal.  Today I will gather with family and eat turkey and sides AND dessert and not regret one bite.  I am excited to see my brother and sister-in-law for the first time since I really started working out.  I don’t want the day to be all about me (well, maybe a little part of me does..lol) but it will be nice to just feel better in my own skin around my family.  I have lost more now than any other attempt in my past and I’m so determined to make my full goal and maybe even beyond what I originally wrote down.  101 pounds is a big number, but now it’s only 61 pounds away.  I am almost halfway to my goal!!  I’m so proud and it’s taken hard work and making decisions not to put junk food in my mouth.  I truly love the gym and my Zumba classes so that makes the journey a little easier to travel, but it’s still a day to day commitment.  I am very thankful today for all of the wonderful people God has put into my life!  Tres and Tabitha at Planet Fitness and Andrea at Zumba.  New friends I am making at the gym and through my blog group.  Writing about my journey has been great and therapeutic.  It helps me get through tough days and lets me celebrate triumphs like today!!  40 pounds lighter!  That’s two of my dog’s food bags-try carrying two of those around the store for a while.  That’s the amount I DON’T carry around anymore.  Even better are the inches that have changed.  3″ in my waist, 4.5″ in my hips, 4″ in my chest.  I am having to give clothes away that used to be my “favorites” because they were comfortable.  Now they just engulf me and I have to let them go.  I am so thankful for people like Barbara and Angie who have passed along clothes that fit now and some I can’t quite get into yet, but I will soon.  While people are out shopping tomorrow for Black Friday, I will be going back through my closet and figuring out what fits and what doesn’t and passing things along to others that are too big and maybe for Christmas I’ll be getting a few new things for me!  Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!


 40 pounds

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