I started at Planet Fitness April 1, 2015. April Fool’s Day was no joke this year. 🙂 I could walk a mile on the treadmill and my time wasn’t awful. I started out at 19 minutes, 21 seconds. Not bad for someone weighing 295. Slowly, and steady with time and workouts, I have improved that time. Yesterday I hit a personal best of 16 minutes, 22 seconds. It’s such an amazing thrill to break your record time. I almost wanted to shout out in the gym because inside I was cheering loud! I have a race coming up next Thursday evening and I’m hoping to break my record of 51 minutes for 3 miles. Right now I’m hitting close to 48 minutes with my practice speed. I would be happy with that as my change for the total. I’ve entered the speed walking portion so I’m hoping to do well in my age division. No matter what, I am so happy I am making improvements and I am losing weight.

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